[greenstone-users] GreenStone 2.52 - linux - plugin problem- collection build fail

From Farid
DateTue, 28 Dec 2004 21:33:46 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] GreenStone 2.52 - linux - plugin problem- collection build fail

I've tried to solve the following problem for more than 30 hours but to not much use. Here's the description:

On SuSE 9.2/Redhat 9/ Knoppix 3.6 each fully meeting the requirements (except for a libgdbm-dev package for the src installation) I installed gsdl 2.52 both as binary and from source but each time I run ./gli.sh everything seems to be going ok except for that I can't build any collections not even the demo collection provided by the package itself! i.e. when I try to open the collection/ base a new one on it the following error window pops up right after:

unable to determine the arguments for the GAPlug.pm plugin. Please ensure that the plugin in question provides the -xml flag by running the pluginfo.pl script described in section 2.1 of the greenstoen developer's guide.

The same box shows up but for the following plugins:


Thereafter when I try to build the collection(from scratch/based on some other one etc) I get the following error message:

An error has ocurred which will prevent the collection being previewed.

(does this error have to do anything with the webserver? What should I enter exactly in the first window that shows up at the first run of gli.sh?)

So as told by the dev guid and having run the source setup.bash I cded to the plugins directory and ran this:

pluginfo.pl GAPlug.pm

But here's the result:

ERROR: Could not find pluginGAPlug.pm"

But it's right there!

The error.txt under etc doesn't show anything!

BTW I also tried the Collector from the web-based interface for which I get the following error message when I try to build a collection:

The collection could not be built (import.pl failed).

The build log contains the following information:

copying /data/index.html --> /usr/local/gsdl/tmp/tbuild1/MyCol/import/data/index.html
importing the MyCol collection
build: ERROR: import.pl failed

Please restart the collector and try again.

What's wrong?
Any pointers would be most appreciated.

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