[greenstone-users] UnknownPlug for PDF files gsdlassocfile name

From Sharad Jadhav
DateThu, 5 Jan 2006 10:55:12 +0000 (GMT)
Subject [greenstone-users] UnknownPlug for PDF files gsdlassocfile name
In-Reply-To (595b9ab20601040650i60501d09q1a9644aaba049075-mail-gmail-com)
The contents (PDF files) of import directory of one of the collection were marked read only. Surprisingly, after collection building the attribute for all files was now normal and all PDF files were no longer read-only. How this is happening!
I am using UnknownPlug to import PDF documents, I want to have gsdlassocfile name to be doc.pdf instead of original file name. I have tried using some of the options for UnknownPlug, but was not successful.
Thanks and regards,
Sharad Jadhav

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