Re: Greenstone Install problem

From Gordon Paynter
DateMon, 3 Feb 2003 08:40:52 -0800 (PST)
Subject Re: Greenstone Install problem
Stef wrote:
> John R. McPherson wrote:
>> I added a test to that defines ENABLE_NLS if there is a
>> gettext() function in the c library.
> Sorry, should have checked CVS first. Thanks for that. It configures and
> compiles fine under debian sid.

I had one other problem compiling Greenstone from CVS source on Debian SID
with gcc3.2 and perl5.8.0. Sorry for not reporting this earlier.

It was the Expat module again (in $GSDLHOME/pacakges/cpan). It looks like
there are a few changes to the way Makefile.PL files are generated which
means that some Perl::XMLParser files are no longer installed in the right
place. I can't remeber the exact details, but one of the variables (i
think it was SITEPREFIX) used to default to PREFIX (i.e. GSDLHOME), but
now defualts to /usr/local/something (so you may not notice if you're
installing as root).

My messy solution was to add an extra argument to the configure script in
the packages directory to override the offending variable. I'll post full
details when I get home.