Re: Greenstone

From John R. McPherson
DateFri, 31 Jan 2003 10:51:08 +1300
Subject Re: Greenstone
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Gordon Paynter wrote:
> CCed to the Greenstone mailing list.
> "Dollberg, Donald D." <> wrote:
> > [...] I want to create a collection of
> > journal articles written in my group and use Greenstone simply to create
> > a bibliography that is linked to the actual article in PDF format. I
> > have the bibliography in bibtex format and the articles will be scanned
> > and converted to PDF. I am not interested in indexing the actual
> > article just in the display of the article.
> Hi Donald,
> What you're describing is feasable, and can be accomplished by creatijng a
> collection based on your BibTexd and hosting the PDF files seperately.
> You will need to
> 1. Include some metadata in the BibTex file that can be used to construct
> the URL for a specific PDF document. The easiest way is if you have a URL
> fieldin your BibTex, but there are other ways (for example, if your PDF
> files were hosted at[docnumber].pdf, then you
> would somehow need to store [docunumber] metadata in each BibTex record.


we have a sample collection on the main page that is
made from BibTex source:
Also, this collection uses the "mgpp" backend for doing fielded searches
rather than the standard "mg" backend.

The collect.cfg files used in our example collections are publicly available:

As far as linking to the pdf file, I think having a url to the pdf as a
field in each bibtex entry would be the simplest way to do what you want.
As Gordon said, this would require a minor change to the collect.cfg to
display the new link, and to the BibTex plugin so that it knows to
store that metadata.

John McPherson