[greenstone-users] New Windows/Linux/Source distributions: Greenstone v2.40a

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 05 Aug 2003 15:51:54 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] New Windows/Linux/Source distributions: Greenstone v2.40a
Hello everyone,

Version 2.40a of the Windows, Linux, and Source distributions has been
released. The purpose of this release is to improve the integration of
the Librarian Interface tool into Greenstone (not to fix bugs in v2.40).
The Librarian Interface now comes as standard in all distributions
(uncompiled in the source distribution, compiled in all the others). It
is installed in a subdirectory of GSDLHOME called "gli".

The release features the same Greenstone code as v2.40 (ie. no changes
since then are included). Similarly, the Greenstone Librarian Interface
code is essentially the same as that distributed with v2.40. The
exception to this are a few small fixes that should make running the
Librarian Interface easier for most people. In particular, the Librarian
Interface will now run successfully when installed in a location
containing spaces. Also, a small text document (gli.txt) has been
included with instructions on how to run the Librarian Interface.

To summarise, version 2.40a replaces v2.40 as the best version to
download for most people. However, if you have already downloaded v2.40
then you do not need to download v2.40a (unless you are having problems
running the Librarian Interface).

All the best,

Michael Dewsnip