[greenstone-users] Some doubts About Gatherer

From Emiliano Marmonti
DateFri, 15 Aug 2003 21:35:49 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Some doubts About Gatherer
Hello all

I have a doubt about Gatherer. I've tried to use Gatherer that comes
with Win'32 GSDL 2.40 distribution, but when it installs, aborts saying
that the Greenstone version is too old for continue (?). After a mail to
John, I've downloaded from CVS and could make it work, but when it
starts appears a message saying that could not find the Greenstone
distribution. The exactly message is that: "could not view new
Collections unless specify the path to the Greenstone distribution". It
proposes to insert this data in an input box below (?) or entering in
preferences/Connection Tab. In this tab I could define a proxy, but I'm
not using any proxy, I have gsdl and gli installed in the same Win 32
machine under an Apache web-server. I have tried to touch gli.bat
inserting the path or inserting the path in the input proxy box (knowing
that will not work) to the local gsdl but don't works.

Another thing I'm trying to test is related to use Gatherer for a
Linux-gsdl collection. I mean, using Gatherer from Windows connected
through a Samba to a Linux. Perhaps the above answer could be usefull
for this purpose. I need to tell Gatherer where to find gsdl... And
testing if could work if gsdl resides in a network drive.

Another thing to question is about hierachical clasiffiers. I want to
know if is there a way to build the .txt file automatically. I mean if
Gatherer could generate this .txt file dinamically using the Dictionary,
or other procedure. And a last question: Is there an external file in
Gatherer that could be used for translation purposes or must touch the
.java files?

Thanks a lot and regards to the Greenstone community