Order of sorting at second level

From Allison Zhang
DateTue, 21 Jan 2003 15:44:46 -0500
Subject Order of sorting at second level
Hello there,

I noticed that all items under a classifier are sorted alphabetically. However, the items in each group are not sorted at all. For example, we have Subject as a classifier, and it has the list in the alphabetical order:
Awards -- Brazil
Big bands -- United States
Brazil -- Armed Forces
Broadcasters -- United States -- District of Columbia -- Washington
Double bass

If you click on Guitar, you will see a list of titles, which has no particular order. (See our Felix E. Grant Collection at http://www.aladin.wrlc.org/gsdl/collect/grant/grant.shtml)

Is there any way to sort the sub-list alphabetically by title?

Thank you!

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