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From Beth Nicol
DateMon, 09 Jan 2006 12:50:26 -0600
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] configuration problem
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Depends on the Unix - Mac matches up with Solaris; the others (on intel
type machines) don''t match... and for that matter, I had a problem with
FreeBSD not quite matching either.

Maybe someone knows: is it OS or the hardware platform that has the
endian differences?

Rich Robinson wrote:

> Just for my clarification, I'm actually building on Mac OSX and
> transferring to a UNIX box to be served. Windows no longer enters
> into the equation. Before I go through using the db2txt and txt2db
> utilites, does anyone know if Unix and Mac OSX are different endians?
> Rich
>> Hi
>> Just to add to what Richard wrote, for MGPP collections you only need to
>> rebuild the gdbm database. But for MG collections, a bug only recently
>> discovered (and fixed after the release of 2.62) means that you need to
>> rebuild the whole collection when transferring to a different endian
>> machine.
>> Regards,
>> Katherine
>> Richard Managh wrote:
>>> Hi Rich,
>>> Just to add to what Stephen wrote,
>>> When you upload the collection to your mac, the only part of the
>>> collection that is affected by the endian problem is the gdbm
>>> database.
>>> The mg indexes in the collection and the associated files will be
>>> fine.
>>> A quick way of dealing with the gdbm database is to use two utilities
>>> provided with greenstone, db2txt and txt2db
>>> db2txt - converts the gdbm database for a collection from binary
>>> form to
>>> text form
>>> txt2db - converts the gdbm database for a collection from text form
>>> back
>>> to binary form
>>> You can find the gdbm database for a collection in that collections
>>> index/text directory.
>>> It will be named as a *.ldb file, or a *.bdb file, the l stands for
>>> little endian, the b stands for big endian. So on a windows
>>> machine, if
>>> you had a built collection with the name "apples", you would find a
>>> apples.ldb file here: gsdlcollectapplesindex extapples.ldb
>>> So, to successfully transfer your gdbm database from a windows machine
>>> to a mac, you would need to use the db2txt utility on the windows
>>> machine, to convert the *.ldb file to a text form, something like this
>>> db2txt apples.ldb > apples.ldb.txt
>>> Once you have uploaded that ldb file to the mac, you can use the mac's
>>> version of txt2db to convert your text version back to a *.bdb file in
>>> this case, something like
>>> txt2db apples.ldb.txt > apples.bdb
>>> Put this file in the index/text directory, and your collection should
>> > work properly on the mac.
>> >
>> > Hope this helps,
>> >
>> >
>> > Richard
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