Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone installation/configuration

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 17 Jan 2006 09:34:46 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Greenstone installation/configuration
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Hi Gordon,

> I've just completed my first Greenstone installation, running from our
> library's web server, and I have a few questions regarding the use of
> the GLI. I've searched through the message archives on these topics
> but still had questions:
> 1) GLI Applet
> I'm running Greenstone on a Windows server using an old version of
> O'Reilley's Web Site (soon to be upgraded to apache). In a perfect
> world I would like our library to be able to develop collections via a
> web interface so that I don't need to install copies of Greenstone on
> individual machine. From my reading it would seem that the GLI Applet
> could accomplish this however, it would seem that the applet is only
> compatible with UNIX-based machines. Is this still the case?

The remote building functionality is now Windows compatible, although it
is still fairly new and hasn't had a great deal of testing. Read the
instructions at
to get this going.

> 2) Mapping drive
> In lieu of using the GLI Applet I though about installing Greenstone
> on individual librarian computers and mapping a drive to the 'collect'
> directory on the web server (a viable alternative). I read that
> mapping a drive in conjunction with the '-collectdir' option on the
> command line would accomplish this. However, in practice, the remote
> drive is recognized by Greenstone but when a user build a collection
> not all the files are placed on the server. Again, I'm wondering if
> this approach is workable and if perhaps it requires additional
> configuration (beyond the -colldir switch) in order to work?

I think this should work correctly -- if it doesn't then this is a bug,
and we'd like to fix it. I'll try to reproduce this problem today if I
have time.

> 3) ImageMagik
> When serving collections from a web server is ImageMagik required on
> the web server?

ImageMagick is not required when serving collections, as it is not used
at run-time. It is only used at build-time by ImagePlug when creating
image collections.

All the best,