[greenstone-users] building the Demo collection on a Mac

From Jonathan Furner
DateMon, 21 Jul 2003 15:13:57 -0700
Subject [greenstone-users] building the Demo collection on a Mac
Hi, I'm a Greenstone newbie trying to get things up and running under Mac OS
X. I think I've figured out the basic install, but when it comes to using
the Collector I've got a bit stuck. I gather that the version of the Demo
collection that comes with the Mac distribution (2.39) is unbuilt, so, in
order to see it, I need to build it from the command line. I don't know much
about Unix but I'm following the instructions in the Developer's Guide,
where it says I need to start with the "source setup.csh" command. But no
setup files seem to be included with the Mac distribution, so when I enter
the source command I just get a "file not found" error message. And if I
then try to run mkcol.pl, it tells me GSDLHOME is not set. Can anyone tell
me how I can put things right? Thanks a lot!