[greenstone-users] Populating collections

From Diego Spano
DateFri, 13 Jun 2003 12:23:11 -0300
Subject [greenstone-users] Populating collections
Hi to all !!!
I just want to clarify myself how Greenstone add documents to an existing collection.
Suppose I have 2 document in "import" folder: document_a and document_b. Then I execute the following commands:
"perl -S import.pl mycol"
"perl -S buildcol.pl mycol"
After doing this, I have 2 hash folder in "archives". I delete contents of import folder and move contents from building to index. So mycol has 2 documents indexed.
Suppose I have to add 2 new documents, document_c and document_d.  Put them in "import" and then run "perl -S import.pl mycol"
so there will be 4 hash documents in archives. The question is:
when I run "perl -S buildcol.pl mycol" Greenstone indexs all 4 documents? I mean, document_a and document_b are reindexed? Is there any way to index only new hash documents?
Lic. Diego Spano
Archivo Digital
Secretaría de Derechos Humanos