Re: Greenstone

From Natalia N. Modjeska
DateTue, 4 Feb 2003 17:31:34 -0500
Subject Re: Greenstone
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My question is related to your reply to Donald D. Dollberg's
question a few days ago about fielded searches.

We would like to use Greenstone as a back-end search engine
in a health care project which aims to bring evidence-based
medical resources to doctors at point of care. We would like
to be able to point the engine to specific parts of the
documents (e.g., sections tagged <treatment> or <benefits>;
the documents are in XML, but we know how to handle that).
It seems that the mgpp backend you mentioned would suit our
purpose. Would you have an idea about how easy/difficult it
would be to extend it to a different domain? Also, where can
we find mgpp? Thank you.

Best regards,

Natalia N. Modjeska
Research Assistant
EPoCare project
University of Toronto

> Hi,
> we have a sample collection on the main page that is
> made from BibTex source:
> Also, this collection uses the "mgpp" backend for doing fielded searches
> rather than the standard "mg" backend.
> The collect.cfg files used in our example collections are publicly available:
> As far as linking to the pdf file, I think having a url to the pdf as a
> field in each bibtex entry would be the simplest way to do what you want.
> As Gordon said, this would require a minor change to the collect.cfg to
> display the new link, and to the BibTex plugin so that it knows to
> store that metadata.
> John McPherson