[greenstone-users] Unsolved problem #2

From Rich Robinson
DateFri, 7 Jan 2005 10:28:47 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] Unsolved problem #2
Still would be grateful for help on this one -- my latest response is
above John McPherson's earlier response.

>What you wrote makes sense, but shouldn't items under "Creator"
>without a comma be alphabetized properly as well? E.g. I have items
>like "London Society" which seem just randomly placed - while
>anything with Surname,Firstname is fine. Seems to me a single
>entity would be alphabetized like a surname...but it's not.
>> > Hi,
>>> When I display my list of Authors A-Z, everything in the format "Last
>>> Name, First Name" with a comma in the middle, are properly
>>> alphabetized. Anything without the comma such as an organizational
>>> name is out of sequence, almost randomly. At least that's the only
>>> difference I am seeing between items that sort properly and those
>>> that don't. Where should I look to correct this, would there be
>>> something in the formatting statement for that particular vlist (I
>>> think it's a vlist)?
>>This is done at build time, by the classifiers in $gsdl/perllib/classify/.
>>If the language of a document was set to English, and the metadata
>>is one that is expected to contain names, such as "Creator" metadata,
>>then it will assume that a comma implies 'Surname, Firstname'.
>>Look in BasClas.pm (format_metadata_for_sorting()) and perllib/sorttools.pm
>>(format_string_english() and format_string_name_english()).
>>John McPherson