Re: [greenstone-users] Solaris 8 install & mkcol problems

From Gordon Paynter
DateWed, 23 Apr 2003 10:20:49 -0700 (PDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Solaris 8 install & mkcol problems
In-Reply-To (3EA5C553-2030405-cs-waikato-ac-nz)
> Laura Sheble wrote:
>> 1a. Though the demo collection and administrative options appear on
>> our site at gsdl/cgi-bin/library, the demo collection appears to be
>> empty. Searches retrieve no results & there are no options to browse.
>> The option to "Search for _stx_ for ..." is available.
>> warning: gdbm database
>> "/opt/local/gsdl/collect/demo/index/text/demo.bdb" does not exist
> This sounds like the collection has not been successfully built.
> _stx_ and _dtx_ etc are the default names for the section text and
> document text indexes, but if the collection is built these names are
> overridden with more sensible names, such as "sections" and "documents".
> The gdbm file must exist for a collection to be successfully built.
> Greenstone distributes the "demo" collection unbuilt.

Hi Laura,

This looks exactly like a problem I frequently have.

Did you build the demo collection yourself, or get it pre-built with the
distribution? I ask because the GNU GDBM files are

If you have a big-endian system (e.g. PPC) then Greenstone will look in
the demo collection for index/text/demo.bdb; if you have a little-endian
architecture (e.g. x86) it will look for index/text/demo.ldb. Since
you're using Solaris, and Greenstone is looking for demo.bdb, I assume
you're using SPARC hardware, which is big-endian. If you have demo.ldb
but not demo.bdb, this is your problem.

(Note that in each case, the file is a GDBM file, not a Berkeley DB file
which is also sometimes given a bdb extension).

Anyway, if you have a index/text/demo.ldb file, you can convert it to
demo.bdb in two ways. First: rebuild it with Simple.
Second: if you have an x86 installation of Greenstone handy, you can
(using the programs GSDLHOME/src/db2txt) convert demo.ldb to text with
db2txt, copy it as text to the SPARC installation, and use txt2db to
generate an equivalent demo.bdb file, and drop it in the demo/index/text
directory. I do this all the time, because I build collections on my
iBook and transfer them to my x86 Web server, and can confirm that it