[greenstone-users] Highlighting messes up macros and javascript with hyperlinked metadata

From SEAFDEC/AQD Library
DateSun Dec 6 04:22:43 2009
Subject [greenstone-users] Highlighting messes up macros and javascript with hyperlinked metadata
Hello greenstone users. I followed the instructions in "How can I hyperlink
individual metadata
using Katherine Don's version. The metadata values as link displays nicely
and clicking them would retrieve all documents with this metadata. However,
this is not working if coming off from a search, instead of showing the
metadata values nicely, a bunch of strings are displayed. I'm sure it is the
highlighting that is causing this because if I turned off highlighting, the
metadata values displays nicely. While searching from the mailing list about
my problem, I encountered this post, *[greenstone-users] highlighting messes
up macros [REALLY
I don't know how could I apply her solution to mine. Any ideas? Or is there
an option that could turn off highlighting by default? Thanks in advance and
hoping for a positive reply. More power to greenstone team.

Elvi S. Nemiz
Info. Asst.
Tigbauan, Iloilo.
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