[greenstone-users] online collaboration tool

From Anson Parker
DateThu, 13 Jul 2006 10:11:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] online collaboration tool
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Hi all - may have already mentioned it, if so please ignore...

http://webhuddle.sourceforge.net does some amazing stuff
- handles VoIP
- Interactive collaborative whiteboard
- Application sharing
- Chat
- all in a java applet :)

the voip is a bit slow, fine once you're used to it though, and anyhow,
it's a great open source tool. Here's a recent demo


if anyone would like to record some meetings you're welcome to use my
server to host meetings, let me know and I'll send you the URL.


> Hi Anson,
> Judging from the lack of replies it seems that no-one has done much like
> this, so you'll probably need to customise the Greenstone code to add
> the functionality you need. There is one Greenstone collection I know of
> (http://clients.stephenroke.com) that has "shopping cart"-type
> functionality, and clients can log in and e-mail their "order" to the
> web site owner. Typically these types of functionality require new C++
> and Javascript code.
> Regards,
> Michael
> anson@treebay.org wrote:
>>Hi - has anyone worked on ecommerce integration with greenstone? We've
>>got a lot of data out there that can't easily be downloaded (posters,
>>maps, videos, photos, etc...) and we're looking for solutions. Koha
>>imports cds/isis and could be a choice for its amazon.com integration,
>> the
>>rest of it looks to me like a export to cvs and import into an ecommerce
>>solution like virtuemart or collaboration / affiliate marketing with
>>groups like allposters.com...
>>what we'd like to have is a "buy-it-now" style button on each document
>> and
>>then we could either burn the researcher a cd/dvd or print the document
>> up
>>and send it...
>>any thoughts, suggestions, or recommendations welcome :)
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