Looking for Order in the Subject Hierarchies

From Pam Osborne
DateWed, 18 Dec 2002 15:14:29 -0800
Subject Looking for Order in the Subject Hierarchies
I am using a subject hierarchy classifier for several of my collections and am having a problem with where documents appear in the hierarchy.

This is a portion of the index file:

23902390"Human Resources
2390.0302390.030 "Benefits
2390.1202390.120 Consultants
2390.3302390.330 Health/Safety
2390.4202390.420 "Interns & Volunteers"
2390.4502390.450 "Mercy Corps Scotland"
2390.4802390.480 "New Hire Packet/Orientation"
2390.5102390.510 "Org Charts/Staff & Location Lists"
2390.5702390.570 "Payroll/Time/Attendance"

This is where two documents are appearing in the middle of the hierarchy:
*Human Resources
"Philosophy of the Human Resources Department" (document)
"Who Does What in Human Resources" (document)
*Interns & Volunteers
*Mercy Corps Scotland
*New Hire Packet/Orientation
*Org Charts/Staff & Location Lists

The documents are assigned the number 2390, and I want them to appear in the list directly under Human Resources. Instead they are appearing in the middle of the list, making it look like they have a number between 2390.120 and 2390.330 and/or making it look like they are "Consultants" documents. We've looked at the example collect.cfg files for some of the NZDL Demo Collections and cannot see where hierarchy placement is defined.

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