[greenstone-users] Greenstone and Endnote (also, an answer to Greenstone and Vista)

From Amanda Hahn
DateFri Apr 18 17:31:47 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone and Endnote (also, an answer to Greenstone and Vista)
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First, I'll ask my question on greenstone and endnote:

Has anyone had any luck/experience with trying to import endnote (I'm using X1) libraries into greenstone?? I know theoretically greenstone supports XML, which you can save endnote files as, but I am a librarian (not even quite there yet...still a student) and not a techie and don't know how to put the two together.

Thanks a lot, if anyone knows!

Now, to answer the Greenstone and Vista question:

Greenstone 2.80 on Vista yesterday... using command
> prompt -console.
> The installation was completed successfully but the Librarian
> Interface is not working.. It pops up a window which
> automatically disappears..
> Other java GUIs? seem to work fine on vista... I don't know
> if there is anything else I can do...

The window is going to tell you that access is denied.

I had this problem, and already wrote up an explanation for some other people:
Running Greenstone in XP compatibility mode does not work. Instead, you MUST change the permissions for the entire greenstone folder otherwise you'll keep being told "Access is denied." You must also be an administrator to change this property. If you're not, you're out of luck. To do this: Right click on the entire Greenstone program folder (under "Program Files").Click Properties.Click on the Security tab.Under Group or User Names, click on Users.Click "Edit".Click on "users" again.Click the checkbox in the window beneath that says "Full control" in the "Allow" column.Here you MUST hit "Apply". If you just hit OK the properties won't change - seems counterintuitive, this is windows being windows. After you hit Apply, then hit OK.
I have no idea why you have to do that even if you're an administrator, but welcome to the magical world of microsoft.? *scratches head*? You should have no problems after that - at least, I didn't.

Amanda Hahn
Library & Information Sciences and Asian Studies Graduate Student
LILT Library & Communications Manager /
Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies / POST 309
University of Hawai?i at M?noa
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