[greenstone-devel] Swahili interface?

From Ted Maust
DateFri Jun 10 00:50:50 2011
Subject [greenstone-devel] Swahili interface?

My name is Ted Maust and though I'm not really a developer, I'm helping a
professor of mine organize her vast amounts of interview audio (and
transcipts, and video, etc) with Greenstone, with the eventual goal of
making the files accessible to those in Northern Tanzania where she
conducted all of her research. For this reason, we would like to have the
interface available in English and Swahili. Given my limited skills, I
haven't figured out a way to toggle between the two languages or even to
translate much of the interface into Swahili. I realize that the entire
Swahili translation of the interface is incomplete according to the Wiki,
but perhaps in progress? Both my professor and I know some Swahili and we
know some Swahili speaking students and so we could do some rough
translation ourselves, it's more a question of how to implement that

Thanks for any help!

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