[greenstone-users] hi

From tewelde haile
DateFri Mar 11 20:38:19 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] hi
first of all i would like to thank for your kindly consideration and iam
working in one of academic institution(university) as digital librarian
.and iam using greenstone for the purpose of publishing collections.i have
install green stone publish more than 200 colections to the software and iam
using Linux server for the greenstone but curently the green stone does not
work it says like this
"Warning! You will not be able to view your new collections within the
Librarian Interface unless you specify the path to the Green stone context
in the locally running Tomcat Web server. You can enter this now in the text
field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection
tab. Remember that a valid url must start with the protocol "http://". The
default address is http://localhost:8080/greenstone"

i was trying to solve by putting the correct address in the URL and by
going to preference link in the green stone by choosing connection tab but
there is no solution still it doesn't work pleas tell me or help me in
solving this problem

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