[greenstone-users] Unable to run gli

From Vikas Rawal
DateMon, 23 Jul 2007 15:06:22 +0530
Subject [greenstone-users] Unable to run gli
I installed greenstone on a machine running ubuntu linux. The java
based installation did not work for some reason. It kept asking me to
specify java home. Sun JRE6 is working fine on the machine, and I
kept giving the location, but it would not accept it. Finally, I did
the shell script based installation, which went through quite all
right. I can point to the url for greenstone and it works.

The problem is that I am unable to run gli. When I try, it gives me
the following error.


Checking GSDL: /usr/local/gsdl
.: 96: setup.bash: not found


It is an odd error because I can see that setup.bash is very much
there in /usr/local/gsdl.

Would anyone know what might be the problem?

Will greatly appreciate any help.

Vikas Rawal