[greenstone-users] Point at a File with Javascript

From Volker Konrad
DateMon, 18 Dec 2006 14:13:07 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Point at a File with Javascript
Hello List,

we use GS 2.71. I've two a bit more complicated questions:

1. Possibility to point at picturefile from a javascript button

I've collection composed of folders, which containe a html-file with tex=
t, =

a small and a big picture. The html-file is my [text] and calls the smal=
l =

picture as a kind of thumbnail. I'd like to have a button, that calls a =

javascript to show the bigger picture in a new window.

My idea was to have the javascript in a seperated file and to insert in =

the "DocumentText" format-structure a button, that calls this savascript=

with the name of the bigger imagefile. This name a have in a field of th=
e =

metadataset. But it doesnt work because the path isn't created in the =

right way.

Is there any possibility to point to the bigger picture file out of the =


2. Compose a nummber from dropdown-menues:

The collection contains pictures of pages with biblical texts of the new=

testament. Id like to have a possibility, that finds me verses.

I indicated in the metadataset the content of verses in a picture every =

verse with a 6-digit-number. This number is generated from book, chapter=

and verse =3D bbccvv (Mathew (1. Book), 1. Chapter, 1. Verse =3D 010101)=
. Now =

ist possible to searche this number. But this a bit difficult for people=

not used to this numbers. So my idea is to have a search with three =

dropdown-menues with books, chapters and verses. From them the informati=
on =

is choosen and the 6-digitnumber is generated to be searched.

Is there any possibility to insert such lists of searchable values and t=
o =

combine them? Or is this to be done by a plugin?

Thank you for help
Volker Konrad