tech report collection

From guy
DateMon, 8 Apr 2002 01:04:50 +0300
Subject tech report collection
Hi all, I'm back to trying greenstone again after a long break from it.
Last time was on Windows, this time on Linux and things are very
much smoother. I guess linux comes with much more of the needed software
So far I've had great results creating a collection indexing postscript and
One thing I had to do manually and which might have been mentioned in the
documentation is changing the scripts to make use of the wonderful prescript
So far my collection is very basic, I was wondering if the config files
and plugins for the cs tech report collection at are available?
My needs are pretty much identical to what that collection offers - I'm
indexing cs papers and tech reports on a specific subject - so they'd be
very useful.
Another related question is how do people go about updating the
collection - I'll be adding new papers and reports daily - is there
a way to update the collection without rebuilding everything? I didnt
see this mentioned in the (very nice and useful) Developer.pdf document.

Thanks to the developers for making Greenstone available

Best Regards,