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From Paul Mundy
DateThu, 18 Apr 2002 22:51:01 +0700
Subject Expand full text by default?
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Greetings from Indonesia.

We are creating a collection of Indonesian agricultural research materials
using Greenstone 2.36. The documents are in HTML format with subsections
denoted by <<TOC>> tags. We hope to add PDF and other formats later.

When the user opens a document, by default the first subsection only is
displayed. The user must click on the icons linking to each subsection to
open those subsections, or on the "Expand Text" button.

Unfortunately we think this will confuse our users -- they may see the first
section only, and not realize there is more text available in subsequent

Is it possible to have Greenstone expand the text by default, and display
the "Contract Text" button if the user wants to browse the sections only?

Thanks in advance.


Paul Mundy
development communication specialist

Temporary email in Indonesia (to 7 June 2002): pmundy@indo.net.id
mobile 0818-168332

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This sounds very much like a bug I just fixed the other day. You can fix
it by downloading a new Hierarchy.pm file from
http://greenstone.org/tmp/Hierarchy.pm and saving it to your
gsdl/perllib/classify directory (replacing the one that's already

Please let me know if this doesn't fix the problem.


nlin@nlin.net wrote:
> > Hi,
> > It's definitely possible to have documents at higher levels
> > as well as deeper levels at the same time, so I'm not quite sure
> > what is wrong here. It could possibly be a problem with your
> > index file or the just formatting - have you modified the format string
> > for that classifier? It could also be a bug - which
> > version and platform are you using?
> I'm using 2.3.7 on Linux with the IndexPlug (can't get RecPlug with
> the -use_metadata_files to work, yet).
> My index.txt file is:
> key: Sec Author Title Summary
> test.txt 1.1 "Author1" "Doc1" "This is summary 1"
> test2.txt 1.1.1 "nobody aasdf" "Doc2" "This is summary 2"
> etc/hfile.txt (the hierarchy classifier file) is:
> 1 1 "ch1"
> 1.1 1.1 "mid"
> 1.1.1 1.1.1 "bot"
> 2 2 "ch2"
> etc/collect.cfg is:
> creator no@where
> maintainer no@where
> public true
> indexes document:text document:Title document:Source
> defaultindex document:text
> plugin ZIPPlug
> plugin GAPlug
> plugin TEXTPlug
> plugin HTMLPlug
> plugin EMAILPlug
> plugin PDFPlug
> plugin RTFPlug
> plugin WordPlug
> plugin ArcPlug
> plugin IndexPlug
> classify Hierarchy -hfile hfile.txt -metadata Sec
> collectionmeta collectionname "metatest"
> collectionmeta iconcollection ""
> collectionmeta collectionextra " rigid body dynamics

This collection contains _numdocs_ documents, a total of _numbytes_ of indexed text and metadata.

Click here to view the build summary for this collection. "
> collectionmeta .document:text "text"
> collectionmeta .document:Source "filenames"
> This behaves exactly as I said: I get
> ch1
> mid
> Doc1
> *** WHERE IS SECTION "BOT" ???? ***
> Ideas?
> -Norman