Re: Questions about Greenstone documentation

From Sebastien Blondeel
DateFri, 12 Apr 2002 14:24:58 +0200
Subject Re: Questions about Greenstone documentation

I am the French translator appointed by the UNESCO to translate the
Greenstone documentation to French. So far I have translated the 4
guides; I will soon translate the README and the web pages.

I have worked from the PDF versions available from Sourceforge,
translated to text (with pdftotext). As far as the figures are
concerned, I "exported to a HTML page" the Word documents retrieved from

Of course some screenshots will need be re-done with the French
interface, but some other pictures are giving me problems: those are the
diagrams (with boxes, ovals and arrows). Some come out looking ugly;
some others come out not looking anything at all (see the attached file
for an example of such a picture).

Do you know where I could have access to the source files of those

Also, I noticed a number of typing/spelling/grammar mistakes in the
French macro files of the latest source archive I downloaded. Is
somebody working on those or can I start revising them (and whom to
contact to sync with, and what version to start from?)

I will need to take screenshots in French for the documentation. This is
a rather long process, difficult to automate. I am a little worried as
to what to do: if I take screenshots now, they will display translation
choices that may be corrected later (or contain language mistakes).
Should I reproduce them faithfully in the documentation, correct them in
the documentation (but not the screenshots), wait for the screenshots to
be corrected (how long would that take)? ...

I will also be translating the
sub-web site to French. Anybody to sync with, any CVS repository? A
friend manages the translation of the GNU philosophy pages and has set
up a sync'ing scheme. I usually just keep the English originals I
started from to be able to easily keep up-to-date with any revisions
(intertwining commented out original paragraphs and their translations
when I can). Any advice as to how to do that?

I noticed a number of small or medium mistakes or incoherencies in the
documentation, and marked them all. Is somebody interested by me
detailing those and how to do that?