[greenstone-devel] [Help] Compiling from source, 64 bit Ubuntu

From Anupama of Greenstone Team
DateFri Jan 7 14:55:58 2011
Subject [greenstone-devel] [Help] Compiling from source, 64 bit Ubuntu
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Copying the response entered at source-forge to the mailing-list.

Greenstone 2.83 (gsdl 2.83) was not coded for 64 bit machines. However,
there is source code that's targeted at 64 bit machines which you can
get from Greenstone's SVN (SVN is a version control system).

The URL is:

if you want GLI as well, then after checking out the above, you want to
go into the greenstone2 folder that you just checked out and checkout
GLI here from the URL:

Finally, to compile, you would run the following 3 commands:
./configure --enable-apache-httpd
make install

SourceForge.net wrote:
> The following forum message was posted by at http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenstone/forums/forum/38148/topic/4021385:
> Hi
> I am running into the error "checking for C++ compiler default output file name...
> configure: C++ compiler cannot create executables" when tying to build gsdl 2.83
> I am on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit. I have installed build-essential and also ia-32
> libs
> Any ideas? Can post configure.log, but not sure how to find relevant section.
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