[greenstone-users] associate_ext and associate_tail_re not working on Greenstone 2.84rc1

From Katherine Don
DateThu Jan 13 11:57:21 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] associate_ext and associate_tail_re not working on Greenstone 2.84rc1
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Thanks for trying out the 2.84rc release.
You have discovered a bug. I have fixed it for the next version.

In the meantime, you can fix it by copying the block_filename method
from perllib/plugins/BasePlugin.pm into
perllib/plugins/DirectoryPlugin.pm. This is not how I fixed it, but I
think this should work for now.


Library, SEAFDEC/AQD wrote:
> Dear Greenstone Team,
> I can't build my collection if I enable associate_ext or
> associate_tail_re in HTMLPlugin. I have this error:
> import.pl> Can't locate object method "block_filename" via package
> "DirectoryPlugin" at C:Documents and
> SettingsuserGreenstoneperllibpluginsDirectoryPlugin.pm line 237.
> import.pl> Error: Failed to run: "C:Documents and
> SettingsuserGreenstonebinwindowsperlbinPerl.exe" -S import.pl
> -removeold "-gli" "-language" "en" "-collectdir" "C:Documents and
> SettingsuserGreenstonecollect" "-OIDtype" "assigned" "-OIDmetadata"
> "Source" "seafdecp"
> import.pl> Command failed.
> My associate files were all pdfs. If I didn't tick associate_ext or
> associate_tail_re, I can build my collection successfully, but then I
> am using ex.equivlink in my format statements, so obviously there
> would be no pdf version that will appear in my lists. Here's some
> portion of my collect.cfg:
> buildtypemgpp
> indexesallfields text dc.Title,ex.Title
> dc.Creator,ex.Author,ex.Creator dc.Subject,ex.Subjects
> defaultindextext
> levelsdocument section
> indexoptionsaccentfold casefold stem
> defaultlevelsection
> pluginZIPPlugin
> pluginGreenstoneXMLPlugin
> pluginHTMLPlugin -nolinks -sectionalise_using_h_tags
> -description_tags -hunt_creator_metadata -keep_head
> -no_strip_metadata_html all -metadata_fields Author,Creator
> -rename_assoc_files -associate_tail_re (?i)(.pdf)$
> pluginMetadataXMLPlugin
> pluginArchivesInfPlugin
> pluginDirectoryPlugin
> classifyAZList -metadata Title
> classifyAZCompactList -metadata ex.Creator,ex.Author -buttonname
> Authors -allvalues -sort ex.Title
> classifyHierarchy -metadata ex.Subjects -allvalues -reverse_sort
> -documents_last -sort ex.Date
> classifyDateList -metadata ex.Date -buttonname Year
> classifyList -metadata Source -partition_type_within_level approximate_size
> Thanks and more power to the Greenstone team!