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From Jay Clark
DateThu Jan 27 11:31:47 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Re: Install Steps After Compiling From Source
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Hi Gavin,
I've compiled on Linux and Windows 7 before. I've had the same issue with the admin user didn't have a password and there was no way to set it. I kind of gave up because I had no need for the Admin interface and just used the GLI.

Sorry I can't be of more help. My pleas for assistance got me a couple responses from the GS team, but the issue was never fully addressed. My assessment of the situation was that the installer setup the Admin account and allowed you to set the password, but source-compiled installs of Greenstone don't have that 'luxury'.

Jay Clark

MAF Learning Technologies

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So, no one knows how to do this? No one has ever done a source install of Greenstone? I realize I shouldn't *expect* an answer to my question, but surely someone could answer this easily? I've done about all I can to help myself, but I'm stuck now. I went as far as to do things like look at the source of install-sh, tried copying over the user the users.db file from my Linux Greenstone installation, etc., but I'm still having no luck getting some users for my new Unix Greenstone installation.

Any ideas would be most appreciated. :)

Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer
Brooks Library
Central Washington University

>>> Gavin Spomer 1/21/2011 11:53 AM >>>

Hello all,

I was able to compile Greenstone 2.82 from source on a FreeBSD system, but how do I create users or get into the admin account? When I originally installed Greenstone, I did a binary install on a Linux system, and I seem to remember the the Install.sh file would help me set the password for the admin user. After compiling, I do not see an Install.sh script, but there is a install-sh script. Do I run that instead? I can't do any user management in the admin interface without a valid login/password.

I was able to copy over the gsdlsite.cfg.in to gsdlsite.cfg and configure apache accordingly and get Greenstone running though.

Gavin Spomer
Systems Programmer
Brooks Library
Central Washington University

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