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Hi there,
I am using 2.83. I went ahead and edited the batch file according to the
directions and it seems to have worked!

Thanks for the help,

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Are you using 2.83?

2.83 didn't have very good support for windows 7. You can try again, making sure
the you don't install Greenstone into a folder requiring admin permissions for
install/running (eg Program Files), don't install anywhere with spaces or
brackets. Another user has given instructions about cleaning up brackets from
the Path, which you may need to do also. I have copied these below.

Alternatively, you could try the release candidate for 2.84, which has hopefully
fixed the windows 7 problems. You can get this from

Please send any further questions to the mailing list.

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>Dear sir/Madam, I have successfully installed greenstone library on win7 but
>cannot run. Likely I need help.
Copied from a previous email, thanks to Michael Silver

I would add an additional comment. If you are running a 64-bit version of
Windows, you may have entries in your PATH statement that contain characters
which can't be used in bat files. The usual culprit is the "Program Files (x86)"
folder name. I worked around this by explicitly setting my PATH statement in
setup.bat. Below are my notes from that, but PLEASE NOTE that the entries in the
PATH statement are from my computer. Don't simply copy them into yours as they
won't work! 64-BIT WINDOWS By default, 32-bit Windows applications installed on
a 64-bit Windows OS are stored in C:Program Files (x86). Unfortunately, the
parentheses characters are special, and cause problems with the scripts used to
start the GLI. If a window flashes momentarily when trying to start the GLI,
this is likely the problem. Modifying the PATH is the only way to get the GLI
to start correctly, but users must modify the <GSDL Install Directory>setup.bat
file instead of making permanent changes to the OS PATH as many important
utilities (e.g., CD/DVD burning software) are often found in the C:Program
Files (x86) directory. The steps are outlined below. 1. Determine the current
PATH by saving it in a text file. a. Open a Command Prompt window. b. Execute
the command echo %PATH% > path.txt 2. Edit the file by executing the command
notepad path.txt 3. Remove any entry that includes the C:Program Files (x86)
directory. Below, a is the original path, while b is the edited one. a.
(original) C:Windowssystem32;C:Windows;
FilesIntelWiFibin;C:Program FilesCommon
FilesIntelWirelessCommon;C:Program Files (x86)Common
FilesLenovo;C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesRoxio
Shared10.0DLLShared;C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesRoxio
SharedDLLShared;C:Program Files (x86)LenovoAccess Connections;C:Program
Files (x86)QuickTimeQTSystem b. (modified) C:Windowssystem32;C:Windows;
FilesIntelWiFibin;C:Program FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommon 4.
Copy the modified entry. 5. Enter a custom PATH in the <GSDL Install
Directory>setup.bat file. a. Open the file in Notepad. b. Create new lines
which read: # Set path to get rid of trouble entries set PATH=<paste modified
path here> c. Example (no carriage returns - although text will wrap, the line
beginning set PATH=? is one line): # Set path to get rid of trouble entries set
FilesIntelWiFibin;C:Program FilesCommon FilesIntelWirelessCommon 6.
Save the file. The GLI should now run correctly.

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