[greenstone-users] Page Not displayed/Proxy issue (was RE: [greenstone-devel] Newbie with general questions aboutGreenstone.)

From Gregory S. Williamson
DateTue, 18 Jan 2005 16:22:23 -0800
Subject [greenstone-users] Page Not displayed/Proxy issue (was RE: [greenstone-devel] Newbie with general questions aboutGreenstone.)
Dominic --

I have cc-ed the users list (as John suggested).

My most recent install was to a linux version which has some differences from the native windows version. I do have a version on a windoze box but it is set up to use an apache web server rather than its own web interface, so when I look at Start/Programs/Greenstone Digital Library I see only the librarian interface and the read me file (at least I think this may be why I am seeing a different set ofoptions).

I have not used the librarian interface since my original work was on an earlier greenstone which didn't really have one; my linux work has all been from the command line and my windows version is a variant of the linux one.

I would first find the "library.exe" file and try running it from a DOS prompt (in the gsdl root directory is a setup.bat file you need to run first) -- it should give you a long text listing at the end of which is something like:
receptionist running in command line debug mode
enter cgi arguments as name=value pairs (e.g. 'a=p&p=home'):

If this works I'd guess that that executable is ok; the problem would then like in your firewall or perhaps IIS environemnt; also, newer versions of windows have beefed up security features which could be preventing you from running greenstone.

When I run the librarian choice from the Start/Programs menu I get a splash screen and a dialogue box that want to know the path to the webserver; the librarian itself has (under Edit/Preferences a tab called "Connection"; my guess is that these need to be set correctly for your machine; I'll try to play with some some later and see if I can conjure it to life but tyhere be real differences between my environment (Apache 2 on Win2k) and yours.

I'd suggest reviewing the Installation manual and perhaps the FAQs for relevant topics; others on this list may have better suggestions than I, since this is really an area of greenstone that I am unfamiliar with.

Sorry I can't beof more immediate help ...

Greg W.

ps better to post to the list if we can and thereby benefit future users as well ... I'll post more on this if I have any success. You might consider posting another messagve which describes your web server environment and what web browser you are using; these might be relevant bits o' information for others.

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Subject:RE: [greenstone-devel] Newbie with general questions aboutGreenstone.

Thanks for the quick response. I was able to get to greenstone, downloaded
the zip and installed the files. I am running winxp pro. When I click start,
all programs, greenstone digital library...i see readme.txt, greenstone
digital library and greenstone librarian interface.

When I click greenstone digital library, I get a pop-up saying greenstone
digital library version 2.52, a button to enter library. When I click "enter
library" it would say initializing then I get a "page cannot be displayed"
error. A pop-up comes up saying "your browser does not seem to be responding
to the "Enter Library' request. Try turning off all proxy servers in your
browser settings. If you are using IE make sureboth dial-up settings and LAN
settings have their proxy servers disabled."...my question is how do I do

Then when I click the Greenstone Librarian interface mode, it opens the gli
interface mode window. Also says No collection.

One thing I noticed with the files I have downloaded was that I cannot find
the setup.exe file. I have the setup MS-DOS Batch file but wheni double
click on that I am not sure if it installed something. I guess I don't know
if I have all the necessary files to install the greenstone software. I
followed the instructions in the website, installed the software twice and
got the same results. Do you have a phone number so I can call and describe
my situation while doing it on my computer. I really want to learn and use
the greenstone software to do this digital library. The prototype digital
library is for our Information Operations Center of Excellence at Naval
Postgraduate School in Monterey CA.

I am very new to greenstone. I am starting a digital library. I do not know
where to start?

Thanks for your help

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Subject: RE: [greenstone-devel] Newbie with general questions about

I am not able to find that email just right now; if you can give the list a
bit more information about what issues you are having that would help get
more foucssed answers.

For instance, can you get Greenstone itself to run ? What operating system ?

Is your problem in building new collections ? Or customizing the look & feel

Greg Williamson

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From:dominic gonzales [mailto:dvgonzal@nps.edu]
Sent:Tue 1/18/2005 1:31 PM
Subject:[greenstone-devel] Newbie with general questions about

Hello. How are you? I am very new to the greenstone software and I would
like to know more on using it. I am starting a digital library here at Naval
Postgraduate School in Monterey CA. I have downloaded the software and tried
to install it but I am having probs with it. I stumbled on your "Newbie with
general questions about greenstone" and I am in that situation right now. I
would appreciate any help on getting setup to use greenstone. Any assistance
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.