[greenstone-users] Problem white GLi Client Login

From Amin Hedjazi
DateMon Nov 17 00:50:31 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Problem white GLi Client Login
Hello its me again
i got some question on the Client_gli Login
i am using GS3
first i read the link below and done compleately what it said


and it was very use full thx Quan
but in the part were i get to test my installation whit this :


i get this error :

Content-type:text/plain ERROR: Java failed -- do you have the Java run-time
installed? JAVA_HOME environment variable not set. Might not be able to find
Java unless in PATH (;c:Program
Filesgreenstone3gs2buildbinwindowsperlbin) GSDL3SRCHOME: c:Program
Filesgreenstone3 GSDLHOME: c:Program Filesgreenstone3gs2build GSDLOS:
windows PATH: ;c:Program Filesgreenstone3gs2buildbinscript;c:Program
Filesgreenstone3gs2buildbinwindowsperlbin (cmd=check-installation)

ive tested the perl code in command line and it works out fine telling me
"java found" and "installation is ok" when i execute some thing like this :

Perl gliserver4gs3.pl check-installation

ill start the client_gli4gs3.bat and go on until it askes me for the user
name and password but when entering my pass it gives and error telling me
this user does not exist (i entere the same password which a coulde
Authenthicate my selfe in the online interface
, and i made a new user whit the privliges but no chance to log in via the
GLI !!)
hear is the exact error i get :

An error has occurred on the remote GreenStone server while performing this
operation:Authentication failed:no account for user 'admin'.

sombody help please
and pardon the bad english please
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