[greenstone-users] Re:MakingCollectionPrivate

From varinia monserrat godoy
DateThu, 24 Apr 2003 15:06:12 -0500 (CDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] Re:MakingCollectionPrivate

My name is Varinia Godoy and am a graduate assistant for a professor at
the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, UIUC. I am
currently working on organizing a number of research documents into a
digital library. Since our research is on human subjects privacy is our
greatest concern. How can we go about putting a collection on greenstone
behind a password? So, basically we only want this collection to be
searched by our group members.
I realize that your group is quite busy, but this is my second attempt at
getting a response. I tried the first time via your online form and now
via direct e-mail. I have this sense of urgency because I will be
graduating in May and would like for my professor to have this set up
before I leave. I hope that you can give me some guidance on the issue. We
are really eager to use greenstone for our collection.

thank you,
Varinia Godoy