[greenstone-users] How to create a specific value VList for metadata

From Antonio Palazon
DateThu Jul 14 08:38:45 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] How to create a specific value VList for metadata
I request your help to solve this problem:

Composition of the collection:

V2.84 Greestone use in local mode.

I have a collection of documents with multiple metadata in Dublin Core ( DC.
) created by me:



In the metadata dc.Presentacion I can choose between the following 3 values:
"*leaves*", "*book*" or " *newspaper*"
so the value of the metadata is always *unique* for each document.

*Problem to solve: *

I need to build an alphabetical list to collect the documents specifically
with a particular value, excluding the other two values.

I appreciate the interest that can provide me as I am very upset with the
solution of the problem


Antonio Palaz?n
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