[greenstone-users] error in the greenstone

From Armen
DateSat Apr 10 16:52:38 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] error in the greenstone
HI !

We use Greenstone 2.83 and 2.82 versions. We create a collection which
contains 20 .doc files, and in each mode it ends successfully. But when we
try to create a collection which contains 430 .doc files, it shows that the
building process is finished (100%), but after it shows this error: An error
has occurred which will prevent the collection being previewed.

In Greenstone/create/build part appears this error-"Error: Failed to run:
"C:Program FilesGreenstonebinwindowsperlbinPerl.exe" -S buildcol.pl
-removeold "-gli" "-language" "en" "-collectdir" "C:Program
FilesGreenstonecollect" "book"

buildcol.pl> Command failed." (expert mode)

What should we do in this case?

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