Re: [greenstone-users] GLI Applet problem

From Arthur R. Belanger
DateTue, 14 Feb 2006 10:27:22 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] GLI Applet problem
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Hello Michael.

Thanks for your reply.  The problem mysteriously vanished shortly after I posted the message to the list.  While the problem existed, I was not getting a metadata sets prompt; the display went back to what appears when one forst opens the GLI.  I was able to create a collection based on another collection, select metadata set and proceed normally.

Thanks again.

Michael Dewsnip wrote:
Hi Arthur,

Hmmm... strange problem. Do you get the Metadata Sets prompt after the
title/description prompt? Try checking the Java Console from your
browser to see if there are any exceptions showing. Also, have a look on
the server machine to see if the collection has actually been created
(in the Greenstone "collect" directory).

If nothing else works I'd recommend you try Greenstone v2.63. While I
can't think of any changes in the new version that would affect this,
further troubleshooting will be easier if you're using the latest version.

Let me know how you get on,


Arthur R. Belanger wrote:


I am running version 2.62 on Red Hat Linun AS 4.  I have installed the
GLI as an applet.  The problem I am having is in creating a new
collection that is not based on an existing collection.  After
entering the collection title and the description on content and
clicking ok, I am returned to the applet but nothing has happened. 
The title bar says "Greenstone Librarian Interface Mode: Librarian
Collection: No Collection"  The same thing happens when I use the
expert mode.  The applet creates a new collection only if I base it on
an existing collection.

Is this likely to be a local configuration issue, a known problem or
something else?

I'd appreciate any light anyone can shed on the situation.



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