[greenstone-users] GLI Applet vs native oddity

From Arthur R. Belanger
DateMon, 30 Oct 2006 14:01:29 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI Applet vs native oddity
Hello all.

I am running v2.71 on Red Hat Linux AS3. I have noticed that when I use
the gli applet (from a remote pc), the configure plugin button on the
design tab doesn't work. Also, when I open a collection with the
applet, the plugin parameters get stripped off.

For example, I have manually added the -use_metadata_files parameter to
RecPlug with a text editor. When I open the collection with the applet,
the parameter is cone and I cannot add it back through the applet.

However, if I run the gli natively on the linux box via gli.sh, no
parameters are stripped off and the configure plugin button works properly.

Any ideas?
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