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From Arthur R. Belanger
DateTue, 18 Sep 2007 17:09:22 -0400
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] gli-applet
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With a hint from Gary, we found that the code (applet or the
script) is looking for dictionary_xx_xx.class files in our cgi-bin directory
instead of in the gli/classes directory where they are installed.

We are both running RedHatES 4 with Apache

Can someone fix the code or tell us where to fix it?

Thanks very much.

Arthur R. Belanger wrote:
> I have the very same problem with the gli-applet; the gli client works
> but the applet has the file and edit menus grayed out.
> Gary Crook wrote:
>> I am working on installing Greenstone 2.74 and customizing the user
>> interface for my senior capstone project. I have Greenstone running on
>> a server that is running RedHat Enterprise Linux 4. Everything seems
>> to work except the gli-applet. The applet loads, I am able to launch
>> the Greenstone Librarian Interface and enter my user name and password
>> into the dialog box. That seems to authenticate okay. None of the
>> buttons on the GLI interface are active except the help button and the
>> Gatherer, I am able to navigate the entire help system and the
>> Workspace. The three window controls are also active. The File menu
>> and Edit menu are inactive. I have installed the gli-client on another
>> computer and that can access Greenstone running on the server and
>> create new collections. I am in the all-collections-editor and
>> administrator groups. The only permissions that I have changed is to
>> set collect to 777 and tmp to 777, but if the GLI client works then I
>> assume permissions are not the problem.
>> I have installed, uninstalled, and re-installed Greenstone many times
>> now on both Linux and W2k. It takes me about 15-20 minutes start to
>> finish, but I can't get passed this point.
>> Why are the controls on the gli applet inactive? Have I overlooked
>> something in the documentation?
>> Thank you for your help,
>> Gary Crook
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