[greenstone-users] MARCXML and MARC subfields

From Arthur R. Belanger
DateThu Feb 14 07:57:00 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] MARCXML and MARC subfields

I am running GS 2.75 on RedHat AS4. I am working with MARCXML records using
MARCXMLPlug. I noticed in the plugin code that it can process subfields. From
reading the code, it seems that if I make an entry into the metadata mapping
file (marctodc.txt) with a subfield code appended to the macr tag that the
plugin should assign the subfield data to the specified metadata element. For

8653 -> URLtype
856u -> URL

Subfield 3 should get assigned to URLtype and subfield u should get assigned to
URL. This does not work. With these lines in the mapping file, the 856 field
is not assigned at all; it is simply added to the text field. If I have

856 -> URL

in the mapping file, the metadata element URL receives the values for both

Am I misinterpreting the code or is something missing? Any help would be

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