[greenstone-users] MARCXMLPlug and MetadataXMLPlug

From Arthur R. Belanger
DateThu Mar 20 09:45:37 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] MARCXMLPlug and MetadataXMLPlug

I am trying to build a collection of Marc XML records. I would like to assign
dc.Identifiers so I can use -OIDtype assigned on import. I have created a
metadata.xml file in the import directory with an entry for each marc xml file
in the directory. I am trying this with just 2 files. My plugin list is as

plugin GAPlug
plugin MARCXMLPlug
plugin MetadataXMLPlug
plugin ArcPlug
plugin RecPlug

My metadata.xml file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE DirectoryMetadata SYSTEM
<Metadata name="dc.Identifier">6885021</Metadata>
<Metadata name="dc.Identifier">6885002</Metadata>

I have tried switching the order of the plugins but keep getting the following
messages from import.pl:

Removing current contents of the archives directory...
RecPlug: getting directory import/test
MetadataXMLPlug: processing metadata.xml
MARCXMLPlug: processing 6885021.xml
no dc.Identifier metadata found, generating hash id
Record 1 - MARCXMLPlug: processing 6885021.xml
MARCXMLPlug: processing 6885002.xml
no dc.Identifier metadata found, generating hash id
Record 2 - MARCXMLPlug: processing 6885002.xml

How can I get the system to use the dc.Identifier metadata in the metadata.xml
file for each of the marc xml files? The 2 marc xml files and the metadata.xml
files are in the collection's import/test directory.

I am running from the command line in RedHat Linux AS4 with Greenstone VERSION 2.75.

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