[greenstone-users] GSDL query - collection connection

From Atanu Garai
DateWed Jul 16 17:05:22 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] GSDL query - collection connection
Dear All,
Greetings to all. So far, I have not searched the mailing list archive
for this problem and hence if it is being repeated, please bear with me.
We are building a large-scale digital library, which is based on fedora
and we are a group of people distributed at various places. We were
looking for a desktop based solution which we can work with offline,
process the collection and then batch import-export to this fedora-based
solution. This is where GSDL comes in and after having
downloaded/installed/run both GSDL 2.80 and 3.03, it seems that GSDL can
perform this task.
One problem at this point I am facing is that, when I am installing and
running this in my local system (Win XP SP 3) for the first time, it
works very fine. But after rebooting the system the connection of GSDL
librarian interface to the collection is lost. the collection as can be
seen is located in the same file structure but could not see any reason
why this connection is failed. What are the reasons?
Then the OAI-PMH harvestor is able to load some 500 records at a time
and then it stops. How is it possible to load all the records at once?
Thanks for the help.