[greenstone-users] GLI Gatherer, was Re:Greenstone v2.50 released!

From Azael Barrera, Ph.D.
DateWed, 09 Jun 2004 11:44:18 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI Gatherer, was Re:Greenstone v2.50 released!
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Thanks Michael,

I set the language up figuring out from the first line on the Windows local
library main.cfg file from my laptop
which was installed in spanish.

Now I found a sort of a glitch in the GLI interface of 2.50.

First, at start up in former version I just needed to type in the directory
of the library (/opt/gsdl),
now it seems it wants the whole URL (http://...)

Second, in the Gatherer screen (Reunir in spanish)
a. one creates a new collection, the right side panel gets light
green with "Collection" from the
empty grey, top title of the window shows the name of the
collection, but not the right panel.
b. one selects various files from the left panel (Workspace or
area de trabajo), grabs them and
sends them to the right panel. A phantom at the pointer
shows how many files there are.
c. after finish sending them there are no files showing on the
right panel.

To see the collection files I had to go back to the File menu and re-Open
the collection.

In former GLIs (2.40a) the files on the collection show up inmediately
after grabbing and sending
them to the right panel. Now the collection panel is blank until one
requests to re-open the collection.
This additional step is not mentioned in the Help (Ayuda).

Well, I made it to work so far, but it was easier in the former version, I
think. There are other improved
aspects, though.

I still miss the fact that I couldn't recompile gsdl to add the z39.50
client feature. I guess the group
at Waikato is not doing much development on the z part anymore, perhaps
John can illustrate more.

Thanks again,


At 02:50 PM 6/8/2004 +1200, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
>Hi Azael,
> > Looking for a clue:
> >
> > I have used 2.40a on RHLinux8 for a while with GLI. On another
> > brand new server I am working with RHL 9 (gcc 3.2.2, perl 5.8.2,
> > java re 1.4.2). When I tried to install 2.50 source and compile
> > ("c" option), the compilation failed.
>Hmmm... this works for me, but I'm using a different Linux distribution
>and version of
>GCC to you. Please send me personally the output of the configuration and
>processes (this is not included in the INSTALL_RECORD file).
> > By the way, even though the install has the (S)panish option the
> > final GS web setup is still in english, why? I do not want my users to
> > change preferences to spanish everytime they access it.
>I thought that this had been done but it seems like it only works for
>Windows. This will be
>fixed in the next release.
>You can make Spanish the default language by adding this line
> cgiarg shortname=l argdefault=es
>to the end of the etc/main.cfg file.
>All the best,

Azael Barrera, Ph.D. barreraal@cwpanama.net
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