[greenstone-users] Where is KEA?

From Adnan Pasic
DateWed Oct 29 20:02:28 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Where is KEA?

I'm new to Greenstone and didn't get in touch with it at all, but now since
I need it for a practical exam at university I need some help with some of
the features the programme provides.

I'm interested only in the Keyword Extraction Algorithm (KEA) which
unfortunately isn't documented at all. I would like to know how I can
activate it when making my own library list. As far as I read through all
the manuals, the metadata has just to be typed in in every single document,
but I would like to use the algorithm to filter out the keywords all by
itself. How can I make that work?

Also I would like to know where I can find the KEA implementation ( -> the
code to it ) in the source-distribution? If the KEA in Greenstone isn't
doing what I would like it to do (e.g. filter out substantives in the German
language), I'd like to alter the code a little to fit my needs.

I hope that's not too much I'm asking for. I'd be very grateful for some
help about this, and surely other documentation would definitely be of use.

Thanks in advance!


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