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DateWed Mar 5 15:08:30 2008
Subject Solution Re: [greenstone-users] simple links to mp3
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Hi Kathleen,

I tried it out again and got it to work as follows. If you're working with
Greenstone 3, you can skip step 1 below.

1. If you are working with Greenstone 2, you need to set your GLI
(Greenstone Librarian Interface) to expert mode.
HOW: - Run GLI, and then go to menu File > Preferences > Mode (tab) >
Expert. Click OK.
(Perhaps another mode will do as well, but this shows me all the options I
want to see.)

2. When you build your collection, Configure your HTMLPlug such that its
assoc_files option is ticked and includes mp3.
- Add all your html, image and mp3 files to your collection and click on
the Design tab.
- Select the HTMLPlug
- Press the Configure Plugin button
- check the assoc_files option, and now append mp3 to the list to get:
- Click OK and go to the Create tab and press the Build Collection button.
- Now, when you run the server and view your pages, it should link to your
mp3 files as well.

What the above does is to get your mp3 files recognised by your html pages
so that the pages have the correct links.

I've tried it just now and it worked for me. Do tell me if it did not work
or if my explanation was unclear or incomplete,

> Hi everyone -
> I'm hoping someone can help with this - I'm trying to build and html
> collection that included images and links to audio files. The audio files
> are in mp3 format.
> While the image files are displaying correctly in the html files when I
> build the collection, I am getting 404 errors that the sound files are not
> found.
> Does anyone know why this might be happening? All of the html, jpg and mp3
> files are in the same import folder in Greenstone's collect folder...
> Thanks!
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