[greenstone-users] Hindi collection

From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateTue Mar 11 10:03:35 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Hindi collection
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Hi Debjani,

I think the process for building a collection containing documents of two
languages is the same as for building a single language collection. That
is, you use the GLI application to include Hindi AND Bengali documents in
your collection. For instance, in another trial collection I had created a
collection with a text document containing a Greek word (repeated several
times) and images and some English documents.

In your case, you now already have a collection with the Hindi documents.
So you:
- open up GLI,
- open that collection,
- then drag and drop the Bengali documents you want into your existing
- In the Enrich tab of the GLI application, you can add metadata to your
Bengali documents. You may choose to add language-specific metadata such
as title, author, etc. This is useful for searching in Bengali. (Just as
you may want to add Hindi-language metadata for each of your Hindi
- build the collection again (through the Create Tab).

I don't know if this step is part of what you were asking, but: the only
difficulty is, as Quan (qq6) indicated, that there is no Bengali
translation of the browser interface yet. If you know Bengali and have the
time, you can contribute to this, as described in Quan's response to you.
This will allow end-users to view the browser's controls, such as the
search button for instance, in their own language, Bengali or Hindi in
this case.


> Thanking you for your reply. I have already built collection in hindi. Now
> I want to build collection in hindi and bengali. What I have to do now for
> building collection in hindi and bengali.