[greenstone-devel] [greenstone - Help] GLI for Greenstone v2.80 freezes

From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateThu Mar 6 15:48:33 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] [greenstone - Help] GLI for Greenstone v2.80 freezes
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> By: xflogar
> Hi,
> I installed Greenstone v2.80 for Linux (I'm using CentOS) and it seemed to
> work
> properly, but I can't make a new collection. Since I start GLI from a
> terminal
> window, it throws some exceptions:
> SAX exception: The element type "PluginList" must be terminated by the
> matching
> end-tag "</PluginList>".
> org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The element type "PluginList" must be
> terminated
> by the matching end-tag "</PluginList>".
> at
> org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser.reportError(XMLParser.java:1196
> )
> ...this repeated for other libraries and lines of code. When the
> application
> starts, it let me create a a new collection, but when I try to open it,
> the
> message
> "La colección en: /usr/local/gsdl/collect/prueba/prueba.col no se pudo
> abrir"
> "Cannot open the collection: /usr/local/gsdl/collect/prueba/prueba.col "
> appears and if I try to choose any option of the menu bar (like trying to
> reopen
> it or another one) the program frezees and throws several Java exceptions
> like:
> SAX exception: The markup in the document preceding the root element must
> be
> well-formed.
> org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The markup in the document preceding the
> root
> element must be well-formed.
> at
> org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLParser.reportError(XMLParser.java:1196)
> at
> org.apache.xerces.framework.XMLDocumentScanner.reportFatalXMLError(XML
> DocumentScanner.java:626)
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> at
> org.greenstone.gatherer.greenstone.Plugins.getPlugin(Plugins.java:74)
> at org.greenstone.gatherer.cdm.Plugin.create(Plugin.java:75)
> at
> org.greenstone.gatherer.cdm.DOMProxyListModel.getElementAt(DOMProxyLi
> stModel.java:221)
> at
> org.greenstone.gatherer.cdm.PluginManager.<init>(PluginManager.java:8
> 0)
> at
> org.greenstone.gatherer.cdm.CollectionDesignManager.loadDesignDetails
> (CollectionDesignManager.java:125)
> ...And the same if try to open the demo collection provided by default
> with
> the distribution.
> I also tried to make a new collection following the steps at the Developer
> manual,
> the first step works ok, the second (using mkecol.pl)works but doesn't
> create
> all the folder it indicates... Well, after that I made a new folder
> import,
> placed the files inside and tried the command import.pl (the new
> collection's
> name is nuevo).
> But it didn't work at all, it showed me:
> Can't load
> '/usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/auto/XML/Parser/Expat/Expat.so'
> for module XML::Parser::Expat:
> /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/auto/XML/Parser/Expat/Expat.so:
> undefined
> symbol: PL_stack_sp at
> /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i386-linux-thread-multi/DynaLoader.pm
> line 230.
> at /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/XML/Parser.pm line 14
> Compilation failed in require at
> /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/XML/Parser.pm
> line 14.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
> /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cpan/perl-5.8/XML/Parser.pm line 18.
> Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cfgread4gs3.pm
> line
> 60.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
> /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/cfgread4gs3.pm
> line 60.
> Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/colcfg.pm line
> 31.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/gsdl/perllib/colcfg.pm
> line 31.
> Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/gsdl/bin/script/import.pl line
> 44.
> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/gsdl/bin/script/import.pl
> line
> 44.
> ...and I realized the collection 'nuevo' doesn't exists if I try to open
> it
> with GLI (it isn't listed).
> If someone can help me I apreciate it so much...
> (Spanish spoken for those who just understand reading english...)


I had installed Greenstone 2.80 on Linux just day-before-yesterday and
encountered Exceptions too that caused my GLI to freeze when creating or
opening collections (sometimes I got a "collection not found" message when
opening an existing collection). The crucial exception I got was a
SAXException about <PluginList> not having a terminating </PluginList>.

The following solved it for me. See if it solves your problem as well. The
Cause and Solution in my case were found by Dr Bainbridge. Unfortunately,
attempting the solution below is going to take a little bit of time and
some downloading on your part.

In the case of my installation, it turned out that the SAX parsing
exception was due to linking troubles of Perl-with-C code. These were due
to incompatibility between some dynamically linked Linux libraries (*.so
files, such as Expat.so) and the current version of Linux that is running
on my machine. This happens in cases where a different Linux version
compiled those libraries to the one they are running on.
This might be similar to what's going on in your situation too. In any
case, the ultimate exception that showed in my case was the SAX one about

You will need to compile your installation of Greenstone from source. This
means that you won't have any incompatibility issues anymore.

You can do this either by:
- compiling the Greenstone 2.80 Binary/Distribution version you downloaded
(although it requires downloading a bit more to complete it), or
- downloading the source version of 2.80 from
http://www.greenstone.org/download (specifically
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/greenstone/gsdl-2.80-src.tar.gz) and
compiling that.

I will assume you just want to go by the first option: compile your Linux
Binary/Distribution version, although from (4) onwards it is meant to work
with the second option as well. I had tried both ways yesterday and they
worked for me.

Read through the following first, before attempting:
(1) Run the Greenstone installation program again of your 2.80 Binary,
which will launch the installshield:

(2) Go through the installation and choose Custom setup and tick
everything - INCLUDING source. This will install a copy of (most of) the
source code. We're going to compile this, so we need it.

(3) Check if your installation folder (perhaps it is called gsdl) contains
the "indexers" folder. Probably not. In which case, the source is missing
the "indexers" bit. It's anticipated that this oversight will be corrected
and that the indexers source code will be available with the rest of the
source code the next time.
contains the indexers (and the rest of the source you already have). To
untar/unzip it, type >tar -xvzf gsdl-2.80-src.tar.gz
The indexers folder is located in the unzipped "gsdl" folder.

Put the indexers folder inside your gsdl/greenstone 2 installation folder
(the one that contains the setup.bash file). I'll call this your $GSDLHOME
folder! (It is usually the gsdl folder.)

(4) Now, go to the $GSDLHOME folder and type
> make all
> make install

If it complains about "gdbm" and "usr/local" while compiling, then you
need to find the path to gdbm first:
$GSDLHOME>find . -name "gdbm"
Hopefully this will find the location of gdbm for you and you can use this
path in the configuration and make again:
>./configure --with-gdbm=/path/to/gdbm/dir
>make install

If you still have difficulties here, looking at
http://wiki.greenstone.org/wiki/index.php/Compiling_Greenstone may help

(5) Still in $GSDLHOME, set up the environment for GSDLHOME:
>source setup.bash

(6) You should be able to view it in your web server after you do the
(a) In your apache web server httpd.conf file, add the following (unless
you already have it), making sure to adjust the 4 occurrences of $GSDLHOME
to its full path below:

#Greenstone 2 script:
ScriptAlias /gsdl/cgi-bin "$GSDLHOME/cgi-bin"
<Directory "$GSDLHOME/cgi-bin">
Options None
AllowOverride None

Alias /gsdl "$GSDLHOME/"
<Directory "$GSDLHOME/">
Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

(b) in the file $GSDLHOME/cgi-bin/gsdlsite.cfg,
- Change:
gsdlhome **GSDLHOME**
To the full path of $GSDLHOME in quotes:
gsdlhome "/full/path/"
- Uncomment: #httpprefix /gsdl
httpprefix /gsdl
- And adjust: "httpimg /images" to
httpimg /gsdl/images

(c) Open your browser at

(7) Now you need to compile GLI:
> cd gli
> ./makegli.sh

(8) Run GLI (I run the application):

(9) Try creating new collections and opening existing ones now. Does it
work? If it doesn't, in the GLI folder, do a
And then run gli again

And if it still gives trouble creating/opening collections, go to
>make clean
Repeat (4):
> make all
> make install

(It takes a long time to "make all". I had to do it a second time now
myself on the non-binary/source version, after which it worked again.)
Hopefully the above will solve your problem.

DL lab, University of Waikato
If you find bugs (defects) in Greenstone, you can submit 'bug reports' via