[greenstone-devel] Can't find files needed for compiling Greenstone3

From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateTue Apr 8 14:34:52 2008
Subject [greenstone-devel] Can't find files needed for compiling Greenstone3
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Hi Ifi,

I had a look in my Greenstone 3 installation folder and I found the files
"libmgppretrievejni.so" and "libmgppsearchjni.so" to reside in
$GSDLHOME/lib/jni. (Where $GSDLHOME is the Greenstone 3 installation
Can you have a look in there?

If you can't find these, then something might possibly have gone wrong
during compilation, since I suspect these files are generated when
compiling Greenstone 3 on Linux. (If you take a look at the Greenstone 3
source repository at
http://trac.greenstone.org/browser/greenstone3/trunk/lib/jni, there are
*.dll files there but no *.so files, which is what makes me think these
are generated upon compilation.)

Is there any error output that you get when compiling or building with
ant? Did it say "built successfully" or something similar?


> Hi Guys,
> I'm trying to compile Greenstone3 from source on fc8.
> I cant find libmgppretrievejni.so and libmgppsearchjni.so
> They dont seem to be in the distribution, but they are needed for
> compiling
> it
> Any ideas? workarounds?
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