[greenstone-users] Case Sensitivity in Greenstone3 Searching

From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateThu Mar 13 11:59:46 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Case Sensitivity in Greenstone3 Searching
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Hello Jack,

You have identified something that I am able to reproduce in my Greenstone
3 installation.

A Greenstone expert confirmed that when using the MGPP indexer, #i sets a
particular search to be case insensitive, whereas #c ensures case
sensitivity. However, as you said, the intention is for the "casefolding"
option (for case insensitivity) to be ON by default, so that the people
searching your collection data do not have to know about #i and the rest.

And this should be the case, though there is indeed some unexpected
behaviour which you've discovered.

Try this work around for now, while I add the bug you've identified to the
list of things that need to be fixed:
- If you press the "Preferences" button in the top right of your
Greenstone browser page, then the preferences page opens.
- Here, ensure the "Turn casefolding" option is set to ON. I presume this
is actually already set to ON in your case as it is in mine, even though
it does not work the first time for me.
- Press the "Set Prefs" button. This will ensure that it is finally set to
be case insensitive.
- Try out a search to make sure that it works with case insensitivity as
you expect it to.

Now that you've done this, it should hopefully be the case that the
end-users also get the Casefolding turned ON by default. Howevr, as I have
identified some other defects in my latest Greenstone 3 installation from
source code, they may be affecting the results I see. Could you therefore
test the above and confirm whether this temporary workaround works for you
-- not only in your position as an administrator working on the server
side of your Greenstone collection, but also as a regular person working
from a remote computer who is searching your collection.

This is a defect that needs to be fixed so that in future we need not
employ this workaround.


> Hey All,
> We have been building a local newspaper archive for our library in
> greenstone3. Things have been relatively smooth thus far, however, I have
> recently encountered some inconsistencies with case-sensitivity in the
> searching. Namely, I would like all searches to be strictly case
> insensitive
> for ease of use. I have tried turning casefolding on and used different
> indexers. Adding the #i flag in the search field works, but I would like
> this to be a default and not show up in the search so we dont confuse
> patrons. Any suggestions? Am I just missing something?
> Many thanks in advance,
> ~Jack Kelly~
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