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From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateFri Mar 21 15:00:42 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: [greenstone-devel] Grouping search results
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Hi Diego,

I understand your description. Being somewhat new here, I was waiting to
ask one of my supervisors whether I could add your suggestion to
Greenstone Trac's list of enhancements. Fortunately, Katherine Don would
have done so already, as stated in her response to your initial mail on
this topic.

Thanks for your suggestion, it's very helpful to learn of what features
are actually useful to those of us using the software in real-life
situations. I do not know when exactly it might get implemented, as I
think many of the defects identified in Greenstone have first priority.
Next to those, there are other enhancements that have been in the schedule
for some time.


> Hi Anupama, what I really want is this:
> After searching Greenstone gives you a results list, with n hits. The
> question is: is it possible to group these search results by a metadata
> instead of having only a list or results?. It is similar to what a
> classifer
> do, but it should be applied to a result lists.
> Diego
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> Hi Diego,
> You wrote:
>> Is it possible?. Should it require source modifications?. Is there any
>> plan to add this funcionality in future versions?.
> I do not know the answers to this, but your suggestion reminds me of the
> sort of view certain Browse classifiers in the MGPPDemo give: two or more
> levels of classification, where at each stage a new page is opened up with
> a
> subcategory. Perhaps you mean something similar?
> What I can do is submit your suggestion for enhancement to Greenstone
> Trac,
> located at http://trac.greenstone.org/ Next to enhancements, one can also
> submit bug reports there, which are called "defects" in Trac.
> I am not directing a copy of this response to the mailing list because I
> couldn't answer your questions above, and I would like to leave your
> message
> in the list open in case more experienced Greenstone developers are able
> to
> reply.
> Regards,
> Anupama
>> Hi list,
>> is there any way to group search results?. Suppose you have a
>> supercollection (containing col_a, col_b, col_c), it would be very
>> interesting to have search results grouped by collection like:
>> Search results: 40 documents matched.
>> + col_a (22)
>> + col_b (8)
>> + col_c (10)
>> Another case could be group by metadata (ie.Author):
>> + A. Doyle (10)
>> + O. Wilde (18)
>> + W. Smith (4)
>> + J. Grisham (8)
>> Is it possible?. Should it require source modifications?. Is there any
>> plan to add this funcionality in future versions?.
>> Thanks a lot.
>> Diego
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