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From ak19@cs.waikato.ac.nz
DateFri Mar 21 16:34:26 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: [Fwd: RE: Need Support]
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Hello Emmanuel,

> I need a small change in the collection home page, that is in the
> background where collect name appears & selected option appears, a green
> color box is highlighted but i want to remove it , please let me know how
> to achieve it.

1. Open the file $GSDLHOME/macros/style.dm

2. First make a copy of this file, like Mr Sreekumar said in response to
an earlier question of yours. That way, we can always go back to the
original, in case something stops working due to our changes.

3. In the file style.dm, look for "p.bannertitle" and "p.collectiontitle"
and remove the references to the image banner_bg.png from them. As a
result, you will end up with these lines looking as follows:
p.bannertitle { }
p.collectiontitle { }

You need to take out the image reference from both bannertitle and
collectiontitle, because one is for the collection name that appears on
the top left, while the other is for what appears on the top right (like
the link to the About page).

Now you need to reload your browser window, or if that doesn't work you
have to clear all your cached data from your browser and go back to the
Greenstone collections page. (In Firefox, you clear the cache by going to
Tools > Clear Private Data and then tick cache. But only clear it if
there's nothing else that's absolutely essential stored in your cache.)

You will see that the image is no longer there for the collections on the
main page either (there is a border around collection names on the main
page instead, I have tried but am unable to locate where to remove this

Making the above above change does the trick for me. Try it out and see if
it does what you wanted it to.