[greenstone-users] RV: Invisible index!!!

From Allison Zhang
DateTue Apr 29 04:51:29 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] RV: Invisible index!!!
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You can leave the index drop-down blank in the cfg file:

collectionmeta .ISBN " "

This will show up as a blank in the Search drop-down list so it is better to
put it at the end of the list.

Another way is to create a classifier for the metadata ISBN and create an
1-pixel graphic on the navigation bar as the button (or blank if you use
text display on the navigation bar).


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> Hi list,
> is it possible to create and index but not to show it in search options?
> I want to modify the interface and in documenttext I want to create a
> format
> statement that run a query with a metadata value using a particular
> index.
> Let me explain:
> I have books in PDF format. Each chapter is a pdf file, so you have
> many
> files that really means only one book. In Greenstone, each pdf will be
> a
> different document, so I have to find a way to let the user access the
> whole
> book. I?m doing the following:
> each pdf will have a metadata like ISBN that will have the value of the
> book. Then when you search in Greenstone and access i.e. chapter 3, I
> want
> to create a format statement that runs a query in ISBN index using
> metadata value. but I don?t want to show ISBN index in the drop down
> search
> menu.
> Regards.
> Diego Spano
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